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Piggy Bank

The Township of Fox operates with many different funds.  The General Fund is used for the Township’s general operations or day to day business.  The Landfill Host Fee Fund is the depository for the fees collected from the Greentree Landfill in the form of Host Municipal fees.  Funds from this account are used to supplement the General Fund income so that taxes remain at a low.  This account is also used for special projects that the Township would not necessarily be able to do without the Host Fee money, such as park development, road projects, purchasing emergency equipment, etc.

The State Fund contains Liquid Fuels monies received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Liquid Fuels funds can only be spent on limited items associated with road maintenance, as described by the state.  The Fire Protection Fund consists of monies that  are collected for the sole purpose of funding the local volunteer fire department.  Specifically, these funds are used for equipment purchases, maintenance and training.

The Toby Water Fund is solely for the operation of the Toby Water System.



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