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Fox Township Planning Commission

Meetings are the Third Wednesday of the Month

at 6 PM at the Municipal Building

Russ Braun, Chairperson

Larry Johnson, vice-chair

Jerry Olson, secretary

Tyrel Woelfel

Juli Schlimm

Rachel Wolfel

Gerald Huff

Mike Keller

Ernie Mattiuz


Anytime a single parcel of land is divided into two or more parcels, it is considered a subdivision. 


All subdivisions must be reviewed and approved by the Fox Township Planning Commission and the Fox Township Board of Supervisors.  The  subdivision of land into 10 parcels or fewer, including the residual parcel, and not involving the construction, installation or dedication of new streets or public utilities is considered a minor subdivision.  A major subdivision contains 11 parcels or more (including the residual parcel) and/or the creation of new streets or public utilities.  The Subdivision Ordinance of Fox Township details the steps required for completing a well planned and complete subdivision.  Based on the proposed plan, the subdivision can be very easy or very complicated.  Contact the Township Office for guidance through the subdivision process.

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The process for a subdivision to be approved takes time! 


Plan on at least 4 weeks from the time you submit your plan to the Township until receiving final approval!!




New roads and private roads can be dedicated to the Township to maintain and become public roads.  In order for the Township to accept a road dedication, the road must be paved and meet the Township’s specifications.  A  petition signed by those owning property along the road must be submitted  indicating a desire to have the road dedicated to the Township.  Once accepted by the Township, a Deed of Dedication will need to be drafted to formally transfer the road to the Fox Township.  All expenses incurred for a road dedication are the responsibility of the property owner(s).


What's In a Name?

When deciding on a name for your private road or soon-to-be Township road, you must first contact the Elk County Planning Office at 814-776-5335. They will approve your name choice to be sure it does not conflict with any other street name. They are also in charge of assigning house numbers along any street.  


There are many things to consider when developing land and many variables too.  Based on the scope of your project, these items may need to be addressed.  Click on the various links to learn more!


ZONING:  Is your proposed project an allowable use for your location?  

SEWAGE:  Will your project be served by the public sewer system or by an on-lot septic tank? Know the steps you must take for each option before you begin!


                    EROSION & SEDIMENT:    Does your project involve moving earth?  The Elk County Conservation District may require you to submit a sediment control (E&S) plan.


STORMWATER: Stormwater is any water that comes from precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) Sometimes this water infiltrates, is absorbed, into the ground naturally. Other times it runs off impervious surfaces like roads, driveways, and rooftops. If your project will be creating new impervious surfaces, you may need a stormwater plan.  

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